What are the options other than painting the walls?

Emulsion paint and wallpaper are the most conventional wall materials out there. But outside of them, there are now many new materials for walls to choose from. People often send me messages asking, “Talk about the new material which is not reliable!”

Today I’m going to skin some of the new materials or uncommon practices that people often ask about. Some are expensive but the real deal, some are just gimmicks or naked marketing.

The following will be mentioned: water paint, fabric wall paper, Hedgehog, diatomaceous earth, shellac, wood veneer panels, wood flooring on the wall, soft package hard package, integrated wall panels. Welcome to add in the message area at the end of the article.

Water paint

Advantages: no obvious advantages

Disadvantages: pure gimmick

A few days ago, a small friend asked about “water paint” on Weibo, the decoration company also stressed that a certain water paint is not latex paint, more environmentally friendly than latex paint. The brand’s product description on Tmall also includes the words “not latex paint”.

Usually the water-based paint, is the opposite of paint. Old-fashioned paints have to be mixed with organic solvents, such as Tiana water, which itself is harmful to the human body. And water-based paint directly into the water, than organic solvents, a lot of environmental protection, now the wall paint, wood paint, many “oil to water”. Emulsion paint belongs to the water-based paint.

“A certain water paint” product description, the entire text is not “latex paint” , but the function, construction process, product quality points and latex paint are exactly the same. The brand’s Tmall customer service also admitted that “water paint” is latex paint, but added that “the environmental performance is higher than the general latex paint”. However, the technology of latex paint itself is quite mature, in addition to high requirements for environmental protection, there are also strict regulations on its performance. Just look at environmental protection is very one-sided.

Now the latex paint has a fixed head of the brand, Dulux, Lipont, Dufond, Fenlin visibility and recognition of the highest, Fowler Court, PPG Master paint also has a good reputation, the market can also buy other foreign original imported products, “a certain water paint” trying to create a new concept to achieve the bend, but essentially But the essence is still the same as latex paint, and the price is not much different from that of Lipan.

Summary: The concept created by domestic second-tier brands is actually latex paint.

Our opinion: a very offensive means of publicity

Wall cloth – Fabric Wall Paper

Advantages: more high-grade material, no spelling

Disadvantages: expensive

Also known as wall coverings. Wallpaper we are not unfamiliar with, wall cloth and wallpaper is similar.

PVC wallpaper, plain paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, are the different materials of wallpaper. About the introduction of wallpaper, you can point below the expansion of reading to see.

The principle of wall cloth and wallpaper is exactly the same, except that the decorative surface is woven out of the cloth. The material is different, creating a different texture than the wallpaper.

Interior of living room with christmas tree, fireplace, gifts 3d render

Wallpaper is limited by the machine, a volume of fixed 0.53 meters wide or around. You have to cut and the middle will have a patchwork. Some patterns have to be counterflavored, and the waste is not small.

And according to the loom size, the wall cloth width can reach 2.8 meters or 3 meters, more than the majority of the family’s floor height. Because the width is long enough, a wall or a room can be attached to a piece, and no additional patchwork is needed.

This is also the origin of the name “seamless wall cloth”.

Wall cloth has hot and cold sticky two construction methods: hot sticky is the wall cloth itself comes with hot melt adhesive on the back, after the wall heating fixed, but now has been eliminated.

At present, when apply wall cloth and wallpaper, you have to scrape putty, brush a layer of base film and then sticky glue sticky.

Chemical fiber textiles are formaldehyde emissions, than wallpaper or brush latex paint risk is much greater. I do not completely deny wall cloth, but you still have to pay attention to the dangers of formaldehyde when selecting.

Summary: the same as wallpaper, only the surface is replaced with cloth.

Our opinion: If you like to taste and the budget is sufficient, you can try it.

Haigei cloth

Pros: textured effect, flame retardant

Disadvantages: construction is tedious. The price has no advantage compared to wallpaper

This name is fiberglass wall cloth, quartz wall cloth, the most famous brand called Haigei, gradually called Haigei cloth. It is white and latex paint can be directly brushed on it.

Because the surface has a bumpy texture, it can add more variation to the solid color latex paint. And the gaps on the wall will be covered, solving the problem that latex paint will follow the wall cracking.

Hedgewood also has a great advantage which is very good flame retardant, a fire will not burn up> For Europe and the United States it is very important for the wooden structure of the building .

The construction of Hedgehog is more troublesome, equivalent to first paste a layer of wallpaper, and then brush the wall paint on the wallpaper. The two processes adding up materials and labor costs are not necessarily cheaper than direct wallpapering.

Summary: adding a sense of texture to latex paint, balancing the advantages and disadvantages of latex paint and wallpaper, but the price and process do not have advantage.

Our opinion: Anyone who likes to taste, wants to be different from others, and the budget is sufficient could try.

Diatomaceous earth

Advantages: regulate air humidity, reduce static electricity

Disadvantages: expensive

Diatomaceous earth is made of diatomaceous earth. Diatoms are small creatures with a very special skeletal structure that has a lot of holes. These pores have an adsorptive function just like activated carbon and can absorb moisture from the air and release it when necessary.

The skeletal structure of diatoms, source: China Micrographics Network

Many diatom mud business propaganda “to formaldehyde” is also from this source. But formaldehyde does not disappear, it is only temporarily present in the diatom mud, and will be released again when conditions are right.

So the real use of diatomaceous earth is to regulate the humidity in the house, especially suitable for the south with. As for making shapes and patterns, it is not its advantage, but just one more choice.

Summary: suitable for more humid house, the cost is a little expensive. There is no role of formaldehyde.

Our opinion: When you are in the South and the budget is very sufficient , I recommend this one.


Advantages: ????

Disadvantages: ????

Shellac propaganda language and diatomaceous earth is very similar, Taobao shellac sellers in the optimization of the baby title, will also “incidentally” bring the word diatomaceous earth, in turn, selling diatomaceous earth commercial will also be indiscriminately marked “shellac”.

The phenomenon of mixing the names of shellac and diatomaceous earth is very common, including many Tmall stores

Including the principle of shellac, is also the same as diatomaceous earth, advertising its “natural with holes” structure.

However, I did not find any foreign information on this point, nor did I find any information on “shell powder” or similarly named raw materials used as paint products, so I cannot confirm whether what the merchant said is true or not.

Most importantly, unlike diatomaceous earth, there is no national standard or industry standard for shellac.

Summary: suspected to be a substitute for diatomaceous earth, but there is currently no unified industry standard.

Our opinion: not recommended for the time being before the promulgation of the specification

Liquid wallpaper

Advantages: make patterns or other textural effects on the wall

Disadvantages: cheap and unstable effect, heavily dependent on labor

Liquid wallpaper is a very large and general concept. Now there are two types of liquid wallpaper, one is to use latex paint to make patterns and there is a special category of art paint.

With latex paint to make patterns, you can use rubber rollers and screen printing.

Rubber rollers are somewhat like stamps that print patterns of different colors onto the wall. Screen printing is like graffiti spray paint. There is a mold to cover and then paint and the pattern is painted where it is not blocked.

On the rubber roller, this is the effect that can be done in China

Both effects are very dependent on the aesthetics of the workers. And repeating the pattern requires a lot of manual operation. The effect is also very rough (think of the old residential buildings in the past, with red spray paint sprayed on the number of floors), so it is better to buy wallpaper directly.

Art paint is itself a special effect of wall paint, such as with gold powder, fluorescent.

Our cement walls are also made of art paint, which looks like cement, but is actually wall paint, which can also make the texture of cement.

Interior background room with brick wall, wooden floor and three lamps 3d rendering

Photo source: Livefan self-timer

Summary: Sometimes it refers to art paint, but more often it refers to using latex paint to make prints on the wall, which is a helpless choice if you can’t afford wallpaper and want to make something fancy.

Our opinion: rubber roller and screen printing is too ugly not recommended, but good-looking art paint is worth trying

Wood veneer

Advantages: luxury and class

Disadvantages: expensive

Because the first company to do wood veneer in Taiwan is called KD, also called KD board.

Wood veneer is not a new thing, in the fifties and sixties is the American middle-class family decoration “common set” one, in the year is also a symbol of good taste.

Empty interior background, room with brown wood paneling wall and hardwood flooring, three white lamps 3d rendering

Usually man-made panels with a layer of wood veneer on the surface, is a very classy material.

Most of the homes in the United States is a wooden structure The frame is wood, paste wood veneer panel than paint or wallpaper is also convenient. But in the country, we must first do a layer of keel in the wall, and then nail the decorative panels on the keel, so the price naturally went up.

Summary: look expensive, the actual is also really expensive mature process.

Our opinion: If you like the gorgeous effect and the budget is sufficient, try it.

Wooden floor on the wall

Advantages: can do parquet, and the ground material to maintain consistency

Disadvantages: the price is high, compared to wood veneer more expensive

Wooden flooring on the wall has been particularly popular in the last two years. It is the same principle as the wood veneer, but the surface is used for wood flooring.

empty roomwood wall and wooden floor

However, after studying the actual case, we believe that the wood flooring on the wall board has more spelling seams, if not parquet, and often looks more petty than wood veneer panels.

Plus the process of wood flooring on the wall is not easier than wood veneer panels, and ordinary wood flooring installers do not know how to do on the wall, so these two years this method slowly passed away.

In addition, the material and requirements of wood flooring is also much more expensive than the ordinary wood veneer panel.

Summary: The effect may be inferior to wood veneer, but the cost is not cheaper than wood veneer.

Our opinion: try to choose to use wood veneer, unless the budget is higher

Hard pack, soft pack

Advantages: sound insulation, soft, high-grade

Disadvantages: expensive labor, crowded area, high design requirements

Hard and soft package is not difficult to see. Fabric (usually artificial leather) stuffed with sponge, and then nailed to the wall, it is called soft package; filled with panels, it is called hard package. Before the maturity of the wall cloth process, soft package and hard package is the most important practice of fabric on the wall.

interior design with frames on concrete wall 3d rendering

Soft package can be called the Chinese luxury European style in the rustic a brother, usually and rhinestones and diamond mirror to do with. However, because of the soft and sound insulation, hotels also like to use, with a good match which is actually very expensive.

I can only say that KTV and dirt teamed up to could ruin the impression of this material in everyone’s mind.

Hard pack and soft pack on the wall, you need to lay the keel first, soft pack underneath and then a layer of base plate.

On This earthy soft package may be more familiar to everyone

Summary: fabric and leather on the wall of the mature process, can be beautiful to stunning, can also be ugly to explode.

Our opinion: headboard can be replaced by soft package.

Integrated wall panels

Advantages: faster installation, can also show the texture of the first few processes

Disadvantages: expensive, seams

This is also called assembled wall panels and can be understood as an upgrade of wood veneer panels.

One is to upgrade the material, replaced by light steel keel and aluminum, stone plastic (PVC + stone powder), bamboo wood plastic (PVC + wood powder) panels; I have also seen the style of combining the fabric hard package and wall panels at the Shenzhen exhibition.

All the wall panels, skirting and waistline will be made into fixed size modules, which will be assembled directly on site.

Each part in the above picture is a separate part that can be disassembled

Interior background room with brick wall, wooden floor and three lamps 3d rendering

Many businesses will emphasize environmental protection when promoting, but the latex paint itself also has no environmental problems to speak of. The real “competitors” of integrated wall panels are actually wood veneer panels, siding and hard pack.

Summary: No need to scrape putty with direct installation of wall panels, but the price is very expensive.

Our opinion: the market is still speculating on the concept . The price is slightly inflated. It is recommended to do wait and see.

New materials usually have their advantages, only now most of the new materials are more limited in use. And for the time being, they have not been able to achieve revolutionary results.

More new materials are the face of the change, practicality but little progress. The technology is not mature enough. There is no unified standard, no well-known brand and it is expensive, which is problem the new material has to face.

Born in Europe and the United States, most of the materials are adapted to the European and American building structure. For a large number of domestic steel and brick apartments, scraping putty and brushing latex paint is the most convenient and cheapest construction method, and there is no better choice than it for the time being.

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