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    Redesign of Athens Onassis Group Office – inspired by the seabed

    Onassis group is located in Athens, Greece. The office space of the group was redesigned by tenon architecture in 2022. The project requires the renovation of office space at the headquarters of Onassis group in Athens. The guiding principle is to creatively put wood in organic form and clean lines indoors. The two main elements of the sculpture are the pre-existing plywood structure and the ceiling. In sharp contrast, the design of customized furniture adopts solid geometry to meet the functional requirements of key work areas and collaborative meeting areas. The different methods, materials and construction technologies used by the two parallel systems constituting the scheme also highlight the duality…

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    What are the options other than painting the walls?

    Emulsion paint and wallpaper are the most conventional wall materials out there. But outside of them, there are now many new materials for walls to choose from. People often send me messages asking, “Talk about the new material which is not reliable!” Today I’m going to skin some of the new materials or uncommon practices that people often ask about. Some are expensive but the real deal, some are just gimmicks or naked marketing. The following will be mentioned: water paint, fabric wall paper, Hedgehog, diatomaceous earth, shellac, wood veneer panels, wood flooring on the wall, soft package hard package, integrated wall panels. Welcome to add in the message area…