We design thoughtful,

livable spaces.

At Julie Hawkins Design we believe spaces should be as beautiful as they are functional.

All projects shown completed while Interior Designer for Backen, Gillam, Kroeger Architects unless otherwise noted.

St. Helena Guesthouse


A Place to Gather.

Set atop a hill, this guesthouse is in harmony with its surrounding landscape. Large steel and glass doors open the interior space to blend interior and exterior living. It captures the elegant simplicity of St. Helena style with minimal decor and beautiful layers of detail at every turn.

Hawk House

Welcome home.
In 2015, Julie, her husband Chris, and two young children relocated from San Francisco, CA to Eugene, OR to remodel a mid-century house that would be a new place to call “home”. A constant work in progress, their home showcases Julie’s unique style of bringing personalized, homey elements into a modern environment. What was once a dated, compartmentalized main floor, is now an open, airy space for living and entertaining.

This project was completed by Julie Hawkins independent of BGK Architects.

Australia Sydney Home Interior and Nursery Wall Decor

In the family wall decoration, oil painting and wallpapers are the most used. If you feel it monotonous, there are some other ways to make the wall more colorful. One of them is hand painting. The price of this hand wall painting is higher. It must be painted by hand. Different painters may have different effects. The other is frameless painting, which is relatively position oriented and can only be hung at a fixed position. There is another kind of wall stickers that we are going to talk about today.

They can not only be pasted to the wall according to different colors, but also be pasted to any position you want according to the artistic conception you want to express. It is different from the traditional hand-painted wall. Any people can stick it on the wall, glass or ceramic tile. The distinction between wall stickers and traditional wallpapers: first, traditional wallpapers are like wearing a beautiful dress, while wall stickers are an ornament that attracts everyone’s attention; Traditional wallpapers are complicated in construction and easy to fall off over time. However, wall stickers can be pasted as we like. They will not fall off within five years and can easily change other styles with the change of fashion. Using wall stickers, you can display your infinite imagination, like a delicate bed full of flowers, or beautiful branches swaying beside your sofa, and colorful birds flying. In the latest design project, we have adopted wall stickers to achieve colorful effects. We use some wall stickers products from this local Australia wall decal store happywallz.com.au . You can see our vinyl wall art decoration results. We use one Black girl inspirational quote to decorate the study room. One customized name tree wall sticker was used in the nursery. And some sunflower decals to ornament the dining rooms. In other places, we use one Banksy ballon girl stickers in the living room and some vintage newspaper wall paper above the piano. For the bigger child, we make a height growth chart sticker for him. The family loves these wall decoration.

Miami Modern

Playful and refined.
Minimal architecture acts as a backdrop to a bold art collection paired with playful, sculptural, and textural furnishings. The perfect mix of clean modern lines with layers of color, texture and pattern to create a fun vacation home.
This project was completed by Julie Hawkins independent of BGK Architects.

Calistoga Residence

Detailed finishes are brought to life with lavish furnishings.
Richly detailed architectural spaces feature vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, textured wall finishes, fireplaces and dramatic lighting. These spaces exhibit a strong connection to furnished outdoor space while still forming welcoming and luxurious interiors with traditional furniture pieces.

Healdsburg Residence

A historical home gets a stylish update.
A beautiful home with an abundance of character has been renovated without losing any of its charm. Traditional furnishings and rich colors accent the home’s original craftsmanship and detailing. A new bathroom features marble tile, a clawfoot tub, and classic fixtures that honors the home’s heritage while providing more open space.

St. Helena Modern Ranch House

Simple architecture is enlivened with striking and unique furnishings.
Straightforward architecture featuring large, vaulted ceilings are brought to life throughout the home with a collection of eclectic but harmonious furniture, art and accessories. The result is a clean but unique series of connected spaces in an open layout, perfect for this young family.

St. Helena Winery Barn + Poolhouse

Bringing new life to an old barn.
Resurrection of a barn creates a backdrop for entertaining guests in the most serene setting.

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